Action Against Illegal Dental Practice

ADOPTED by FDI General Assembly October, 2002 in Vienna, Austria

September, 2009

One of the four FDI Mission Statements is: “To promote optimal oral and general health for all peoples”.

In the interest of the oral and general health of the population, dental authorities and associations should insist that the practice of dentistry should only be carried out by those who are legally qualified to do so and after successful completion of appropriate dental education and training.

A prerequisite for achieving optimal oral health is for all people to have access to the best possible oral health care. Therefore, FDI recommends that appropriate Governmental agencies of all countries legally regulate the practice of dentistry, based on the principles of self-regulation and competent authority. Only those with the specific education, training and qualifications, recognized in each country, can be entrusted with the practice of dentistry.

The practice of dentistry by those not educationally and legally qualified should be opposed.

FDI recommends the competent authorities in each country to:

  • develop and establish a legal framework for the entire area of the practice of dentistry
  • control the quality of the education and training for the practice of dentistry
  • control the practice of dentistry within the established legal framework
  • identify and suppress illegal dental practice

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