Guidelines for a Code of Ethics for Dental Publications (Print and Electronic)

ADOPTED by FDI General Assembly October, 1998 in Barcelona, Spain
REVISED by FDI General Assembly October, 2007 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reconfirmed by the FDI Communications & Member Support Committee in February 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.

The intent of the FDI Code of Ethics for Dental Publications is to provide a framework for use by Publishers, Associations and Editors.

It recognizes the need for publishers to create clear and specific goals for their publications and that they draft clear terms of engagement for their editors including transparent processes for the handling of disagreements.

This Policy supports the principles and guidelines espoused by the World Association of Medical Editors and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

These can be found at and FDI believes refereed dental publications enhance the transfer of evidence based knowledge to the dental profession and the community.

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