FDI World Dental Congress

The World Dental Congress (WDC) is a flagship event for FDI, strengthening ties and fostering collaboration within the global oral health community.

To advance the science and practice of dentistry, the WDC delivers:

  • a cutting-edge scientific programme
  • interactive forums covering the most relevant topics in dentistry
  • a dental exhibition attended by the most prominent figures in the dental industry

The FDI World Dental Congress, held in a different host country every year, offers a unique opportunity to meet with leaders of the oral health profession from around the globe.

Scientific programme

The World Dental Congress boasts a diverse scientific programme with oral health experts who present on a broad spectrum of subjects in the dentistry field, from caries management protocols to regenerative endodontics. FDI takes great care in creating a unique and modern scientific programme every year.


The four-day dental exhibition offers the dental industry the opportunity to present the latest in oral health technology and practices. FDI is proud of its long-term partnership with exhibitors who consider the Congress to be one of their ‘must-attend’ events.

FDI Parliament Business Meetings

The General Assembly meets once a year at the World Dental Congress. For five days, over 300 FDI delegates debate and make decisions that will influence the future of dentistry. FDI Committees convene to further the projects they work on throughout the year, and FDI Sections and Regional Organizations also hold their annual meetings.

Past congresses
WDC 2019

2019 San Francisco, USA

WDC 2018

2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina

WDC 2017

2017 Madrid, Spain


Year Location
2016 Poznań, Poland
2015 Bangkok, Thailand
2014 New Delhi, India
2013 Istanbul, Turkey
2012 Hong Kong SAR
2011 Mexico City, Mexico
2010 Salvador, Brazil
2009 Singapore
2008 Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates
2006 Shenzhen, China
2005 Montreal, Canada
2004 New Delhi, India
2003 Sydney, Australia
2002 Vienna, Austria
2001 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2000 Paris, France
1999 Mexico City, Mexico
1998 Barcelona, Spain
1997 Seoul, Korea
1996 Orland, United States of America
1995 Hong Kong SAR
1994 Vancouver, Canada
1993 Gothenburg, Sweden
1992 Berlin, Germany
1991 Milan, Italy
1990 Singapore
1989 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1988 Washington, United States of America
1987 Buenos Aires, Argentina
1986 Manila, Philippines
1985 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1984 Helsinki, Finland
1983 Tokyo, Japan
1982 Vienna, Austria
1981 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1980 Hamburg, Germany
1979 Paris, France
1978 Madrid, Spain
1977 Toronto, Canada
1976 Athens, Greece
1975 Chicago, United States of America
1974 London, United Kingdom
1973 Sydney, Australia
1972 Mexico City, Mexico
1971 Munich, Germany
1970 Bucharest, Romania
1969 New York, United States of America
1968 Varna, Bulgaria
1967 Paris, France
1966 Tel Aviv, Israel
1965 Vienna, Austria
1964 San Francisco, United States of America
1963 Stockholm, Sweden
1962 Cologne, Germany
1961 Helsinki, Finland
1960 Dublin, Ireland
1959 New York, United States of America
1958 Brussels, Belgium
1957 Rome, Italy
1956 Zurich, Switzerland
1955 Copenhagen, Denmark
1954 Scheveningen, The Netherlands
1953 Oslo, Norway
1952 London, United Kingdom
1951 Brussels, Belgium
1950 Paris, France
1949 Milan, Italy
1948 Dublin, Ireland
1947 Boston, United States of America
1946 Paris, France
1939 Zurich, Switzerland
1938 Paris, France
1937 Stockholm, Sweden
1936 Vienna, Austria
1935 Brussels, Belgium
1934 Como, Italy
1933 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
1932 Zurich, Switzerland
1931 Paris, France
1930 Brussels, Belgium
1929 Utrecht, Netherlands
1928 Cologne, Germany
1927 Copenhagen, Denmark
1926 Philadelphia, United States of America
1925 Geneva, Switzerland
1924 Luxembourg
1923 Paris, France
1922 Madrid, Spain
1921 The Hague, The Netherlands
1914 London, United Kingdom
1913 The Hague, The Netherlands
1912 Stockholm, Sweden
1911 London, United Kingdom
1910 Paris, France
1909 Berlin, Germany
1908 Brussels, Belgium
1907 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1906 Geneva, Switzerland
1905 Hanover, Germany
1904 St. Louis, United States of America
1903 Madrid, Spain
1902 Stockholm, Sweden
1901 London, United Kingdom