• FDI Constitution

    The organization’s system of governance and operations is rooted in its core values: commitment to members; integrity; a culture of inclusiveness; excellence; and ethical behaviour.

  • General Assembly
    General Assembly

    The FDI General Assembly (GA) is the supreme legislative and governing body of FDI. The GA sets FDI policies, the strategic plan, missions and aims, and monitors progress on their achievement.

  • Council

    Council leads FDI in harmony with its vision and mission. 

  • Council Committees

    The three Council Committees are composed of members of the Council, each with different powers and functions.

  • Standing Committees

    FDI has five Standing Committees, each with a particular sphere of activity and expertise. 

  • Reference Committees

    The General Assembly (GA) may appoint Reference Committees to expedite the work of the GA and to allow for in-depth debate between meetings on issues such as finances, budget, and contentious matters.

  • Working Groups

    Task Teams and Working Groups may be established by Council to consider matters that do not fall within the purview of any Standing Committee.

  • Task Teams

    Task Teams and Working Groups are established by Council to consider matters that do not fall within the purview of any Standing Committee.

  • Honorary members

    The prestigious List of Dr Charles Godon Medal of Honour recognizes individuals who have made distinguished contributions to FDI.

  • Past presidents

    Consult the list of FDI World Dental Federation's past presidents. 

  • Special Committees

    Special Committees are established by Council to consider matters that are not under the purview of any Standing Committee.

  • Section of Defense Forces Dental Services

    Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately the 2020 SDFDS meeting in Shanghai couldn’t take place. A shame for all the hard work our Chinese colleagues already had done to prepare the meeting.

    On September 2nd 2020 we…

  • Section of Chief Dental Officers/Dental Public Health

    The Chief Dental Officers/Dental Public Health Section uses the term Chief Dental Officer (CDO) as a generic term that describes the one person in a country that is currently officially appointed as the senior…

  • Women Dentists Worldwide

    FDI Women Dentists Worldwide exists to coordinate the activities of the national groups; promote the collection of information about women dentists and their patterns of working...