Policy Statements

One of the goals of FDI World Dental Federation is to develop and disseminate policies, standards and information related to all aspects of oral healthcare around the world. It does this through the publication of FDI Policy Statements: declarations that lay out the current thinking on various issues related to oral health, oral health policies and the dental profession.

FDI Policy Statements are put together through consultation, discussion and consensus amongst leading dental experts from around the world. Many statements are the result of projects carried out by FDI's Standing Committees, whilst others are produced in collaboration with organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Policy Statement Toolkit

How national dental associations can use FDI Policy Statements to promote oral health.

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Title Adopted Revised
Access to Oral Healthcare for Vulnerable and Underserved Read
Action Against Illegal Dental Practice Read
Adverse Reactions to Resin-Based Direct Filling Materials Read
Advertising in Dentistry Read
Amalgam Waste Management Read
Antibiotic Stewardship in Dentistry Read
Basic Dental Education Read
Basic Responsibilities and Rights of Dentists Read
Basic Rights and Responsibilities of Dental Patients Read
Bisphenol-A in Dental Restorative and Preventive Materials Read
CAD/CAM Dentistry Read
Carious Lesions and First Restorative Treatment Read
Classification of Caries Lesions of Tooth Surfaces and Caries Management Systems Read
Code of Practice on Tobacco Control for Oral Health Organizations Read
Continuing Dental Education Read
Continuing Education via eLearning Read
Continuing Medical Education in Dentistry Read
Deep dentine caries and restorative care Read
Dental Amalgam and the Minamata Convention on Mercury Read
Dental Amalgam Phase Down Read
Dental Bleaching Materials Read
Dental Erosion Read
Dental Implants Read
Dental Laboratory Technician Read
Dental Practice and Third Parties Read
Dental Unit Water Systems and Microbial Contamination Read
Dentin Hypersensitivity Read
Dentistry and Oral Health Related Apps Read
Dentistry and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders Read
Dietary Free Sugars and Dental Caries Read
Early Detection of HIV Infection and Appropriate Care of Subjects with HIV infection/AIDS Read
Effect of Masticatory Efficiency on General Health Read
Endorsement of ISO Standards Read
Equivalency of Dental Diplomas Read
Ethical International Recruitment of Oral Health Professionals Read
Evidence-based Dentistry (EBD) Read
Fluoride in Restorative Materials Read
Global Periodontal Health Read
Grey Market and Non-Compliant Dental Products Read
Guidelines for a Code of Ethics for Dental Publications (Print and Electronic) Read
Guidelines for Dental Volunteers Read
Guidelines for Dentists against Torture Read
Improving Access to Oral Care Read
Infection Prevention and Control in Dental Practice Read
International Principles of Ethics for the Dental Profession Read
Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health Read
Lifelong Oral Health Read
Malocclusion in Orthodontics and Oral Health Read